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Naju Daver Creations
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“Garas" are the traditional sarees of the Parsi community and were originally made in China. They received worldwide recognition through Parsi patronage and have been the community "heirlooms" for more than a hundred years. These treasured possessions of the Parsis are donned during festive occasion and have always evoked admiration and envy, because of the exquisite embroidery.
The making of a new Gara is a tedious process and takes anything from two to six months to complete depending on the complexity of the design which is usually very intricate. Only extremely skilled artisans are able to cope up with this form of embroidery.
The Chinese art of embroidery was on the endangered list as an artistic proposition and have faded into oblivion if it had not been revived by Naju Daver.

Naju Daver Creations