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Naju Daver Creations
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Naju, a qualified school teacher and a university topper, was born into the illustrious Cooper family of Lonavla (Coopers chikki and fudge fame) marriage brought Naju to Bombay where she enjoyed teaching till she had children of her own.
Naju's love for the revival of the gara was kindled when she tried to salvage one of her granny’s tattered old saris which were so beautifully embroidered. Naju's foresight sensed not only opportunity but also the prospect of saving a traditional heirloom of the community. An excellent craftswoman herself, she devoted her efforts to resuscitate the dying art and create awareness, she single handedly not only rescued the traditional Gara from extinction but also breathed fresh life and vibrancy into the art and science of making Garas. Naju's Garas are now an established fashion statement among the city’s glitterati.

Naju Daver Creations